Lisa Hackney James

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Canon and Sub Dean
St. James Cathedral
Chicago, Illinois


Jimmy Abbott


Trinity Episcopal Church

Galveston, Texas

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11th Bishop of Delaware

Episcopal Church in Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware

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Trinity Episcopal Church

Wheaton, Illinois

Kevin Caruso

+Kevin S. Brown

Dawn June 2016 004_ppSML.jpg

Dawn Davis

Assistant Professor of Contextual Theology | Founder of REVIVE

Huron University
Hamilton, Ontario

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Chris Harris

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Chair Emeritus

St. Mchael the Archangel

Colorado Springs, CO

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Mary MacGregor

Canon for Congregational Vitality (Retired)
Diocese of Texas
Houston, Texas

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Lisa Mason

St. John’s Episcopal Church
Larchmont, New York

Catherine Pryor Miller

Ministry Consultant / Communications
Dallas, Texas

Abi Moon

St. Mary Magdalene
Episcopal Church

Manor, Texas


Associate Rector
St. John's Episcopal Church

Tallahassee, Florida

Associate Rector
Christ Church
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Matt Holcombe

Alex Montes-Vela

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Brent Owens

The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
Jacksonville, Florida

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Facilitator and Coach

St. Paul, Minnesota

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Mary Parmer

Lea Anne Schmidt

Kathy Walker

Missioner for Black Ministries
Diocese of North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina

Founder and Executive Director
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