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Invite Welcome Connect | The Book

Guided by the gospel imperative to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” the ministry of Invite Welcome Connect equips and empowers individuals and congregations to practice evangelism, hospitality, and connectedness. Invite Welcome Connect’s founder, Mary Parmer, shares the deep truths of this ministry as well as practical steps to assess your faith community and begin implementation. This resource also features stories of transformation from more than two dozen lay and clergy leaders. Foreword by Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry.

Launching Invite Welcome Connect

Looking for the basics to launch Invite Welcome Connect in your parish during this time of re-imagining church?  Gather your team of clergy and lay leaders together and unpack each of the three essentials using the resources below. 


+Kevin S. Brown, Bishop of The Episcopal Church in Delaware, and +Frank Logue, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia have embraced Invite Welcome Connect in their dioceses.  Below are testimonies from them about why the ministry of Invite Welcome Connect is life-giving and critical to churches/dioceses as they consider how to be agents of creativity in their communities for the sake of the gospel. 

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If you missed our 2022 Digital Gathering in February, you can purchase access to the recording and the LIVE Padelts we've set up with the 150 + ideas generated. Consider the Padlets a clearinghouse for idea-sharing on Invite, Welcome, Connect, and Digital Front Porch.  These Padlets are updated weekly and with the one-time fee of $20, you have continuous access to new ideas posted.