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Facilitator/Coach Basics

Invite Welcome Connect is a ministry of transformation that equips and empowers congregations and individuals to cultivate intentional practices of evangelism, hospitality, and belonging rooted in the gospel directive to, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19).  


Invite Welcome Connect has established a Certified Facilitator and Coach Certification which will identify gifted teachers and leaders who will support the expansion and implementation of this ministry. The training, tools, and resources provided to facilitators and coaches are unique to Invite Welcome Connect. They encompass a broad wholesome view of the ethos that supports and encourages transformation on an individual, parish, and diocesan level.


What is a Facilitator?

Invite Welcome Connect Facilitators are certified to conduct intensive workshops around the country and provide support to participating parishes and dioceses.

What is a Coach?

Invite Welcome Connect Coaches are certified to support the implementation, visioning, and application of Invite Welcome Connect in a parish or community setting.

To become a certified facilitator or coach, a comprehensive 10-step process must be completed that includes an application process and hands-on training. Facilitator and coach certification guidelines, fee structure, and training dates-locations are below.

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