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Visio Divina with Mark 

The ministry of Invite Welcome Connect is delighted to partner with the Good Book Club by offering beloved and enduring images from Christian art, culture, and religious works from around the world. Related themes and selected verses from each daily reading of the Gospel of Mark will be shared via the Invite Welcome Connect websiteFacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts.

The Four Steps of Visio Divina

(Description is taken from the Episcopal Prayer website.) 

"God speaks to us in many ways–through relationships, our experiences, sacred texts such as the Bible, and many more. Visio Divina, Latin for divine seeing, is praying with images to listen to God’s words. Like Lectio Divina, Latin for divine reading,  


Visio Divina has four steps:

1. Read the text (in this case art) slowly, taking a first glance noting the colors, people, places, and things.  Remain with the image for one to two minutes. If you would like, jot down a few words about the image.

2. Take a second, deeper, look. Where is there movement? What relationships do you see? Engage your imagination. Where are you in the artwork? What do you see from that perspective? What deeper meaning emerges?

3.  Respond to the image with prayer. Did the image remind you of an experience, person, or issue for which you’d like to offer thanksgiving or intercession? Offer that prayer to God.

4. Find your quiet center. Breathe deeply. Relax your shoulders, arms, and legs. Rest in this quiet. Let God pray in you. God prays beyond words.

Think of Visio Divina like this–putting on God-glasses to see how an image illuminates Christ for you." 

Each day our art pieces will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.  Our posts will include the link to this page where you can review the four steps using the piece of art. 

Click on the orange links below to view art images for the day. 

Mark 1:12-20

Mark 1:21-45

Mark 2: 1-12

Mark 2: 13-28

Mark 3: 1-12

Mark 3: 13-35

Mark 4:1-20

Mark 4: 21-34

Mark 4: 35-41

Mark 5: 1-20

Mark 5: 21-42

Mark 6: 1-13

Mark 6: 14-29

Mark 6: 30-44

Mark 6: 45-56

Mark 7: 1-13

Mark 7: 14-30

Mark 7: 31-37

Mark 8: 1-13

Mark 8:14-26

Mark 8:27-38

Mark 9:1-13

Mark 9:14-32

Mark 9:33-49

Mark 10: 1-12

Mark 10: 13-31

Mark 10: 32-52

Mark 11: 1-11

Mark 11: 12-19

Mark 11: 20-33

Mark 12:1-17

Mark 12: 18-34

Mark 12:35-44

Mark 13: 1-13

Mark 13: 14-27

Mark 13: 28-37

March 14: 1-11

Mark 14: 12-25

Mark 14: 26-42

Mark 14: 43-65

Mark 14: 66-72

Mark 15: 1-5

Mark 15: 16-32

Mark 15: 33-47

Mark 16:1-8

Mark 16:9-20

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