January  28  Workshop co-sponsored by Episcopal Church in Minnesota, St. Mark's Cathedral, Trinity Excelsior, & St. John the Evangelist, Saint Paul, MN (host church)
February  3-5 Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi 190th Annual Council, Jackson, Mississippi
March 22-23 The General Theological Seminary, New York, New York
April 11 Covenant Presbyterian Newcomer Committee, hosted by Tim & Sally Barber, Austin, Texas
April 19-20 Episcopal Communicators Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio
April 21 Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, Holy Trinity, Georgetown, Kentucky (host church)
May 6 Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Region XV congregations, Church of our Saviour, Charlottesville, VA (host church)
May 19-21 Academy for Parish Leadership Conference, The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, Schloss Fuerstenried Conference Center, Munich, Germany
September 15-17 Brandywine Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania,  St. James, Downingtown, PA (host church)
October 6-8 Region VI of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, St. Mark's, Alexandria, VA (host church)

October 20-22 Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia, St. Martin's, Williamsburg, Virginia (host church)
November 8 & 15 School of Theology, Contextual Education Class, University of the South, Sewanee, TN
November 18 Episcopal Diocese of Florida, Camp Weed & Ceverny Conference Center, Live Oak, Florida
December 1-3 Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, Holy Cross Faith Memorial, Pawleys Island, South Carolina (host church)


February 17 Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma, Saint Paul's Cathedral, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (host church)
February 24 Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, St. Bartholomew's, Poway, California (host church)
March 2-4 Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, St. David's, Lincoln, Nebraska (host church)
March 9-11 Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. Church of the Redeemer, Cincinnati, Ohio (host church)
May 4-6 Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas, Location TBD

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