January  28  Workshop co-sponsored by Episcopal Church in Minnesota, St. Mark's Cathedral, Trinity Excelsior, & St. John the Evangelist, Saint Paul, MN (host church)
February  3-5 Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi 190th Annual Council, Jackson, Mississippi
March 22-23 The General Theological Seminary, New York, New York
April 11 Covenant Presbyterian Newcomer Committee, hosted by Tim & Sally Barber, Austin, Texas
April 19-20 Episcopal Communicators Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio
April 21 Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, Holy Trinity, Georgetown, Kentucky (host church)
May 6 Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Region XV congregations, Church of our Saviour, Charlottesville, VA (host church)
May 19-21 Academy for Parish Leadership Conference, The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, Schloss Fuerstenried Conference Center, Munich, Germany
September 15-17 Brandywine Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania,  St. James, Downingtown, PA (host church)
October 6-8 Region VI of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, St. Mark's, Alexandria, VA (host church)
October 20-22 Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia, St. Martin's, Williamsburg, Virginia (host church)

November 8 & 15 School of Theology, Contextual Education Class, University of the South, Sewanee, TN
November 18 Episcopal Diocese of Florida, Camp Weed & Ceverny Conference Center, Live Oak, Florida
December 1-3 Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, Holy Cross Faith Memorial, Pawleys Island, South Carolina (host church)


February 24 Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, St. Bartholomew's, Poway, California (host church)
March 2-4 Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, St. David's, Lincoln, Nebraska (host church)
March 9-11 Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. Church of the Redeemer, Cincinnati, Ohio (host church)

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